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“Old Penwithians” is an association of former pupils and members of staff who, at any time in its 70-year history, attended the Penzance County School for boys, which became first the Penzance County Grammar School and then the Humphry Davy Grammar School. It aims to provide a link where old boys can keep in touch with each other and maintains a database of names and addresses. An annual reunion is held at the Queen’s Hotel, Penzance, on the 29th of December each year and there are also occasional year group reunions and pub meetings throughout the year. Members of the association receive an annual newsletter entitled New Penwithian. A single subscription of just £10.00 secures life membership. See the “Database” page for details. The association has also updated and reprinted the book Three Score Years and Ten, the history of the school first published in 1980, and has commissioned an association tie. See the “Merchandise” page. Over the years the association has built up a large collection of original photographs and other memorabilia. This archive is now housed in the Morrab Library in Penzance for safe keeping but all of the old photographs have been digitised and are available in our online gallery. We are slowly adding names to this large collection of mostly class and team photographs. We hope, with your help, that our collection will continue to grow. See the “Gallery” page.

Working closely with the present day Humphry Davy School the association was heavily involved in a number of events during 2010, the school’s Centenary Year. In addition to this it has funded two major projects at the school: the design, manufacture and installation of a stained glass window, a memorial to two former headmasters, Mr. Bradley and Mr. Rising and the restoration and re-dedication of the Old Penwithians War Memorial in the old school hall. In 2018 the association commissioned a new Old Penwithians World War II memorial to be installed in the hall at the school. This was unveiled and dedicated in a ceremony on 19 Oct 2018. This project was jointly funded by the school and the association.

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    Communicated yesterday 26th February 2021 with Bill Burnett and was pleased to see the fruit of his labour on this website, and photographs of the school he told me about which have become part of the Morrab Library’s collection (I couldn’t find the only one I’m in, however, … though it is on ‘Picture Penzance’!) It’s enjoyable to look back periodically on how things were then, and how the school helped make me what I am – and it’s amazing to see how much I’d forgotten. Although a bit daunting to make an entry here as maybe an English teacher will see the entry, because Ben Batten and “Perry” Mason have passed on, the risk diminishes. I can still remember “Boss” telling the class that there was no ‘e’ in Humphry Davy Grammar School – saving me adding at least two! Will add my details to Jonathan’s database below as a fresh entry as there is an entry that “seems” to be me, but if so a couple of items are wrong, … and I don’t want to mess up someone else’s entry by mistake.

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      Delighted to see your post Eric. I will put a link on the “Gallery” page of this site for the Old Penwithians collection in the Morrab Library Photographic Archive – just as soon as I find that round tuit !

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    Jonathan Quixley [1972, No.5053] is attempting to build a database detailing the tertiary education of past pupils of PC(G)S/HDGS. He has created a file, available with the fully open, editable link below. Anyone is able to enter data and you are encouraged to enter whatever you can – gaps might be filled in later. The link has also been posted to the HDGS/PGS Facebook community. Click on the link or copy and paste it into your browser and open the “Instructions & Information” tab at bottom left. Be sure to change the “Tell me what you want to do” box (top, middle) from “Viewing” to “Editing”.


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